Celebrating MOBtober with a new MOB mug.
Created by Pam Huber Designs. Pam Huber posted "I am a MOB and I am ____" and asked members to fill in the blanks! These are just some of the amazing answers.

About Pam-
In 2012, I not so coincidentally had a baby, left the Southern CA advertising agency I’d been at for six years, and opened Pam Huber Designs. Since then, with help and support from my amazing clients (and a lot of daycare, let’s be honest here), Pam Huber Designs/ PH Creative LLC is now a full-time design studio in the Pacific Northwest.

If I’m not in the office, you’ll find me rearranging my plants or talking about them over at The Whorticulturist, cooking (but NOT baking, that never ends well), making lists, listening to political podcasts, tending to my high-maintenance fur babies, or coloring in overly complicated coloring books with my two boys. And usually at least two of those things at once.

Instagram @pamhuberdesigns & @thewhorticulturist 

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